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Smart marine battery charger 240V / 12V 12A 2 bank TBB Power BP1212-2 TRIDENT multi-step battery charger The BP series smart battery charger is designed especially for various kinds of lead acid batteries in various applications. Combined with most up to date technology and our knowledge with batteries, it can be your advisable choice for your batteries recharging. Batteries will be permanently damaged by either overcharged or remaining undercharged for any period of time. BP series smart battery charger will continuously deliver...
Output Volts:
Output Amps:
12 AMP25 AMP40 AMP
Charger Outputs 1 2 or 3:
3 Battery Banks
£23285 (£28641 inc tax)
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Description Ideal maintenance charger Max output 1.5A Voltage 6/12V IP65 Battery capacity 1.2Ah - 120Ah (lead acid & AGM) Automatic 9 stage charging cycle including diagnosis; charging and reconditioning LED indicators showing charging status Overheat, Overcurrent & Overcharge protection 1.5m leads with interchangeable insulated crocodile clips and ring terminals Modern packaging design FAQ How long does it take to recharge a flat battery? An indication of the time required to recharge a flat battery can be calculated by the following formula: Battery capacity in Ah x 1.25 Charger rated output The time required by any...
£3160 (£3887 inc tax)
BRAND: ProNauticP
ProNauticP Dry Mount Marine Battery Chargers Industry recognized with the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award, ProNauticP employs our Generation 3 ProMar Digital Performance Charging Platform which combines all digital control and softwarebased power conversion technology with global energy management features. ProNauticP addresses the trend of incorporating and using more 12-volt electronics onboard today’s power, sail, cruising and sport fishing boats. Boasting twelve digitally-controlled performance charging profiles with finger tip selection, ProNauticP fully charges, conditions, maintains and re-conditions...
ProNauticP 12V 10AMP - 2 OuProNauticP 12V 15AMP - 3 OuProNauticP 12V 20AMP - 3 OuProNauticP 12V 30AMP - 3 OuProNauticP 12V 40AMP - 3 OuProNauticP 12V 50 AMP - 3 OuProNauticP 12V 50AMP - 3 OuProNauticP 12V 60AMP - 3 OuProNauticP 12V 100AMP (DualProNauticP 24V 20AMP - 3 Ou
BRAND: ProNauticP
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Remote control for pronautic P series chargers LCD display with push button control Includes 20' cable Helm remote Used with ProNautic P battery chargers. 20 foot cable
£7490 (£9213 inc tax)