Wire Rope

(£2.64 inc tax)

Part #: GS71174

2mm2mm (pack of 25)3mm3mm (pack of 25)4mm4mm (pack of 25)5mm5mm (pack of 25)6mm6mm (pack of 25)8mm8mm (pack of 25)10mm10mm (pack of 15)12mm12mm (pack of 15)
(£5.92 inc tax)

Part #: GS71187

2.5mm (pack of 10)2.5mm (pack of 50)2mm (pack of 2)2mm (pack of 10)2mm (pack of 50)3mm (pack of 6)3mm (pack of 50mm)4mm (pack of 6)4mm (pack of 50)5mm (pack of 4)5mm (pack of 25)6mm (pack of 4)6mm (pack of 25)8mm (pack of 2)8mm (pack of 15)10mm (pack of 10)